Or, an Elegiac Goblin Simulator.

Interactive fiction from 2014. This was written for a writing jam with the prompt “After every party I die”. It’s probably the single piece I’m most proud of writing. I’ve embedded it below but if that’s not working you can read it here.

Quick note: Heroes is circular by design and rewards multiple playthroughs…







inklewriter is a free tool for writing interactive fiction being developed by inklestudios, creators of the fantastic 80 Days. It’s a clean, fun and intuitive way to write branching stories. In particular I like the labels you can use to make conditional content: options or even internal paragraphs which only appear if certain choices were made earlier in the story. There’s a lot of scope for crafting a narrative which reacts to and is personalised to the reader’s choices. Check it out! The inkle team gave me some really helpful feedback on Heroes and were kind enough to feature it in the inklewriter Library.


Courtesy of http://btvs-reaction-gifs.tumblr.com/