Odysseus and the Sirens / A Pool at Pegae

Inspired by a good friend’s new website, I thought I’d start by (re)posting some bits and pieces. First up, some poetry!

Two poems written for writing jams in 2013. The prompt for the first was “Siren”; for the second, “Aftermath”. Both were kindly included in Bunbury Magazine’s Issue 5 – Mythology Special (main website here).

Update 11/08/2016 – A pool at Pegae has since been published in Bunbury’s Creative Anthology for 2016 – in print, no less!




Odysseus and the Sirens

What do the sirens sing? We cannot know
Nor ask past patrons gathered deep below.
Only a few may hear, and live – they dare
To strive, seek, find and never yield; see, test,
prototype and build; cut, sniff, snort, smoke, and
So expand their minds, push past the bounds of thought,
And overstep the pale of the possible,
That renown is theirs, and for each a share
Of mantic verses from the sirens’ store.
But which is best, when all is said and done:
To hear, tied down, and always yearn for more?
Seal ears with wax and stolidly work on?
Or pluck Orpheus’ lyre from its zone
And drown their song with music of your own?




A pool at Pegae

This water more still
Than the silent, leaden bell
Long since the ringing

No ripple mars
It’s cold painting of the sky
The depths are hidden

The wild thyme bruised
Heavy feet in the bushes
Cast about in vain

Heaven is silent
But the son of the thunder
Cries Hylas, Hylas

A keel crunch kisses
The Mysian sand goodbye
Their ship departing

Each oar stroke even,
Each oarsman with his partner
And two seats empty

During the quest for the golden fleece, Jason and the Argonauts made land at Mysia to replenish their stores. The youth Hylas was sent to collect water but did not return. Hercules went in search of him, but found no sign. Refusing to abandon Hylas, Hercules remained behind when the Argo put to sea. Some believe that Hylas was ravished away by nymphs of the pool at Pegae.




Hope none of you are contemplating railroad spikes…


Courtesy of http://marilynmay.tumblr.com/post/59526478305/5x07-fool-for-love-everyone-agrees-william-is

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