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I got in a book!

The very first thing I published here were two poems I had had the good fortune to see published elsewhere, in Bunbury Publishing’s creative writing magazine.

In July, Bunbury Publishing launched their first Creative Anthology, collecting together their favourite pieces from the first twelve issues of the magazine. I was shocked and pleased when they asked if they could include one of my poems in the book – and very excited when my copy arrived in the post!

It’s an amazing collection of work from around the world and I’m really enjoying dipping into it once or twice a day (and definitely not just reading and rereading my own poem for the novelty of seeing it in print…). The folks behind Bunbury are brilliant and passionate people and the anthology’s a real testament to what they’ve created.

If you’d like a copy of your own *wink wink nudge nudge* you can buy the Anthology here. Take a look!





The longer I look the more terrifying this gif becomes – but it’s got books in it so

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